Radio Jocks


Press A(J) to start! AJ is your typical friendly neighbor geek. You can basically talk about anything that will get your geek on, may it be movies, tech, anime, music and games. In his free time he plays… you guessed it right, he plays games! Retro, classic or the new ones, it doesn’t matter, but he insists he is not a “hardcore gamer.” He’s more of a “casual gamer”, meaning he doesn’t just spend his whole day playing. He also enjoys binge watching movies that doesn’t really suit his build (like Disney films). His love for video games is infinite as his love for music, like the universe!

Dwayne Rush

Sneakerhead, fitness addict, sports junkie and a frustrated rockstar rolled into one!!!



Part human, part cat. Kitin is hyper-spontaneous and has problems contolling her laugh(ter). Raised under the influence of caffeine and good music, this closet geek is now celebrating her 3rd life