It’s not iTunes, it’s UTunes! It’s an interactive 3-hour program that’s all about “U”–everything U wanna hear(the hottest tunes, ur #ChooseDay songs), everything U wanna know about (ur fave artists, #WhatsNews, lifehacks, #Top5s, WTFs or #WhatTheFacts), & everything U wanna talk about under the sun(Funny stories, L-o-v-e, Jokes,Hugot, Pick-up Lines, LQs-Louise’s Questions)! Capping it all off with Ur Thought & Song of the Day to Keep U feeling good & on the #RightSide!

A Sunday well spent brings a week of content. Sunday is all about your moments, your memories and your melody. That’s why we strip it down on a Sunday, letting you take a break from the hustle and bustle of the week. We serve at your pleasure and aim to please. It’s easy listening all day on a Sunday, UFM style. Time to clear away the week’s rust and torment. Breathe and relax with the chill, slow, steady sounds of Sunday Stripdown.

Choochoo! Wake up wake up and let us spread good choochoos 😀

Choochoo! Start the day with optimism and a glass-half-full attitude with Hallé Sky!

Choochoo! Go sound trippin’, sing–a-long to the tracks and savor the ride on The Music Train.

Choochoose to be the change you want to see in the world, choochoose to be good and do good. Choochoose to be a blessing, to be grateful and to live a life of love!

It is a three-hour weekly radio program that dwells on topics about love-from high profile stories of showbiz personalities to interesting tidbits from the internet.

Nightdrive aka Paulymack show is a music driven show, that plays the best, newest HipHop & rnb. I start my show on my mood then continue progression through there.

A Fast paced, no nonsense program that will surely keep you entertained whether you’re on the go, or stuck in the middle of a jam. Five of the hottest hits based on votes via social media and sms are featured on the Fast 5 at Five from Monday to Wednesday. Every Saturday, 20 songs based on requests and votes are featured on the Furious 20.

Not all radio is created equal. EyeSpk and L.A. Stone are the only radio personalities that give you a live performance each and every time they go on air!

SNRG has redefined your Saturday nights with a hilarious interactive three-hour talk show focusing on the Topic of the Week; where a live discussion about anything and everything is magnified by their sharp wit, and, often questionable, sense of humor as they share their personal experiences and dissect your contributions with unabashed candor.

Get “educated” with The Random Facts of Mindness provided by EyeSpk. Join him as he discovers the information floating around the World Wide Web and probably, most definitely, adding some sh*t he made-up. Be forewarned, the authenticity of said data is up to you to research. . . all this while always playing the hottest music on the planet and featuring the professional dance abilities of SNRG. Some Never Really Get [ their own show.

Start your weeknights with the CAT-ain of the shift. Hitch a ride on The Right Shift, a mix of everything that’s right–from your weeknight jam to what’s buzzing on the internet. Tune in right meow!

A 3-hour nonstop LIVE vinyl mixing of extended and rare versions of dance hits from the 80’s with the youngest retro dj in the country DJ Twiq together with The Mashdoctor.

Get ready to jam the 80’s and 90’s way! Let us take you back in time when shoulder pads, leg warmers, parachute pants, scrunchies, Pokemons, Power Rangers, Tamagotchis and Beanie Babies (just to name and few) were oh-so-cool. This is definitely a U Turn you will want to take. It’s nothing but the 80’s and 90’s on U-Turn Friday.

We go back and forth all day Saturday. You’ll hear nothing but your favorites from the 1990’s, 2000’s and up, to the hits of the present. Hip Hop, RnB, Rock, Pop, Dance, you name it, we’ve got it! It’s a Saturday Smash.

Kick Starter; the show that will wake you up from the depths of slumber. Fill those empty slates with some amazing facts that’ll blow your mind! (Mindblown) Keep the fire alive with inspiring stories on the Gut Check! and of course, rev up those engines with an ample dose of music!

A fast paced, no nonsense program that will surely keep you entertained whether you’re on the go, or stuck in the middle of a jam. Every Saturday 3pm to 6pm.

5 hours of non stop music with a broad and diverse playlist that showcases Top40 Hits all day everyday! Know more about your favorite music artists past & present! We will take your mind off the boring mundane parts of everyday life and do all the work for you. Let us be your daily routine.

Get the freshest cuts of news and business tidbits.
Grab the opportunity to know whats up. (Wassup wassup)

Get a load of The Fresh Catch.

It is a music program that plays cool and awesome music, guaranteed to get you buzzin’. Also shares various tips about life and more!